Candee Family in the Brazil

Candee Family in Brazil

We are the Candee Family and are dedicated to serving Christ in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. We are dedicated evangelism, discipleship, leadership training and church planting.

About Us

Our Story

We both grew up in the church. Our families were heavily involved in our respective churches growing up. Tati grew up in Porto Alegre, Brazil and Benjamin grew up in Sacramento, California. The LORD opened our eyes to our need for the gospel at different times. Benjamin repented while in College at California Polytechnic University San Luis Obispo and faithfully followed Christ to be a missionary in Brazil. Tati repented in 2017 and returned to Ivoti looking to be a part of a local church. We met at Ministério Bíblico Ivoti and eventually began to date and got married in October of 2019. We welcomed our son, James, into the world in December of 2020.

How You Can Partner

Financial Partner

We are completely supported by faithful financial partners. The LORD has used people like you partner with us in the spread of the gospel here and we are always looking for more people who would love to partner with us.

Prayer Partner

We have a great team of over 400 prayer partners and would always love to have more people praying with and for us. The LORD has done amazing things through the prayers of his people here and will continue to do his work through their prayers.

Team Partner

We are always looking for more partners to be a part of our team here in Brazil. We are a part of ABWE and would enjoy talking with you about serving abroad.

One thought on “Candee Family in the Brazil

  1. Praise the Lord for the work you and your bride are doing for the Kingdom of God. We are possibly bringing a family from San Paolo to our church to train and send to plant a church in Europe. How far is that from y’all?


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